Jean Claude Van Damme: A Career in Kicking Ass

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Few of them enjoyed the experience; it was like a surcharge on their visas to Hollywood. This time, however, he begs to do a retake, though it will exhaust his well-sculpted but battered year-old body. The director will have none of this: "He still thinks he's making Citizen Kane? Our depleted hero has also been getting heat from a custody case back in L.

JCVD: Jean-Claude Van Damme Kicks His Own Ass! - TIME

At the hearing, his ex-wife's attorney accuses him of being a poster boy for mindless violence: "How does this actor play Death? Let me count the ways: mangled under the wheels of a truck, strangulation, fracturing the skull, taking out the tibula, laceration, crushed under the wheels of a car, death by strangulation, crushed ribs, fracturing the skull, gouging the eyes His agent's screwing him, the court case has gone against him, he's low on funds The cops on the street figure Van Damme must have cracked and gone to the dark side, while the robbers are only too happy both to exploit his fame and taunt him for being unable to overcome their guns with his kick-boxing.

Even Van Damme's mom believes he's the perp, not the victim, of the hostage takeover. In Run, Lola, Run fashion, the hostage scene is played three times with subtle, crucial variations, each replay revealing more of the mystery. The climax has a few different outcomes too. But El Mechri's interest is in playing with the "real" legend of a washed-up star.

It seems pretty unsparing. With the star looking puffy and played out, and with so many references to his off-screen philandering and drug use, the movie bears comparison to Mickey Rourke's turn in The Wrestler , which like JCVD played the Toronto Film Festival, and which opens in the U. It happens that El Mechri's previous feature, Virgil , was also about a fighter on the skids.

The Untold Truth Of Jean Claude Van Damme

I was wasted mentally and physically, to the point that I got out of it. I asked for it. I asked for it, really believed in it, When you're 13 you believe in your dream. Well, it came true for me. Replicant, Maximum Risk. This was the first.

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Separated at birth when their parents are killed. Chad is raised by a nice family in Paris. Alex becomes a petty crook in Hong Kong. Bolo Yeung stars alongside again as Moon, a bad arse henchman. Two Jean-Claude Van Damme in one movie, double the fights, double the kicking arse. I remember back then being just a dumb kid saying to myself I never knew Van Damme had a brother.

They look identical. K nown else ware as Lionheart. L Absent without leave here in the UK.

The untold truth of Jean-Claude Van Damme

One of his most iconic movies. Lyon is in the French foreign legion. They are struggling for cash, on the verge of eviction and the only way Lyon knows to make lots of money quick is underground fights which are good because Lyon is a dab hand at close quarters combat. Working his way up, fighting bigger and badder opposition until he gets to face the unbeatable Attila. Lots of fights, lots of emotion.

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Truly awesome stuff. A s a kid, me and my friends were obsessed with this movie.

We had never seen anything like it at the time. I think I probably saw it before Enter the Dragon. Everything about it to me as a kid was like a drug. He looked how I wanted to look, could kick arse how I wanted to kick arse. They travel to Thailand because they heard they are the best at it to take on their best. Eric gets completely outmatched and beaten to a pulp. On top of that out of pure spite Tong Po purposely breaks his back Paralyzing him for life. Kurt obviously wants revenge so seeks an old legendary master to teach him, Muay Thai.

Queue kick arse training montages and an even kick arsier dance routine by Van Damme. What I loved about the training montages was the mystical music playing and Kurt training on ancient ruins and getting images of past warriors in battle all with a glorious eagle watching him. At the time it was my favourite Van Damme movie.

He's still making Kickboxer movies

On top of that Stan Bush returns for some movie great cheesy music that fits perfectly with the movie. Walker Van Damme is an agent that works for a law enforcement agency regulating time. He basically stops people that commit crimes through time. For example, if you tried to go back and give yourself the winning lottery number, Walker would be there to stop you. But think more seriously than that like murder. On top of this, ten years prior, Walkers wife was killed when some men attacked him.

After stopping an old co-worker from going back in time to make money, the co-worker admits he was put up to it buy a senator named McComb. Senator McComb needs money for his upcoming presidential campaign. This Prompts Walker and a new rookie to investigate McComb in the past. The bump into the present McComb who has also gone back to the past putting them on his radar. Shockingly, Walker sees himself from the past as well.

I remember when universal Soldier was first announced and I first saw the trailer. One the good guy the other the bad guy. There was so much hype surrounding this movie when it was being made as well as the publicity stunt of Van Damme and Lundgren getting into an altercation. Science fiction at its finest. Even making a necklace from severed ears. Devaurax tries to stop him and they both kill each other only to be brought back to life later on as emotionless obedient cyborgs in a secret project.

They have no memory of their previous life and follow orders without question. Lundgren pretty much steals every scene which his cocky evil attitude.

The untold truth of Jean-Claude Van Damme

Always seems to take playing a bad guy to see an actor truly shine. From his endless comical quotes to just his screen presence. Definitely one of Lundgren best performances. Devaurax is now the bad guy. W hat else could possibly be number one other than the martial arts action showpiece of Bloodsport?

The movie that made Van Damme a star and properly introduced him to the world. Move over Bruce Lee because a new martial arts action star who shouts his head of a lot has arrived. A tournament with different fighters from all over the world, different backgrounds and fighting styles. Being big and brute force, I guess. Based on the so-called probably fabricated true life event of Frank Dux.

We also have one of the most bad-arse antagonists of all time in Chong Li played perfectly by Bolo Yeung. Play it during your next training or gym session and you will see what I mean. It makes you want to go out, train in martial arts and fight in a tournament. This movie had such an effect on me as a kid almost as much as Bruce Lee into taking up martial arts.

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But not just any martial art.