40 for 40 Offline Edition: 20 Promotional Ideas for Artists (The Essential Guides Collection)

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Fan Base General Business Promotions. Send a postcard or text message to local fans to promote your next show. Place an Ad in local playbills, newsletters, or mailing coupon booklets, shopping cart advertisements, receipt advertisements, bust stops, etc.

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Stand on a street corner or near a local venue and pass out free CDs. Use your giveaway CDs for this one. Create customized merchandise and give it away — notebooks, stickers, pens, koozies, water bottles. Offer to do a free lunchtime show at a local corporate office. Sponsor something. Sponsor a raffle prize at an event where your target market will be.

Add your CD as a gift with the Raffle Prize. Host an event. Run for a charity race, coordinate a team and wear t-shirts with your name and website on them. Offer to perform at a charity event. Join meetup groups and go to meetup events. Always do something to broaden your horizon. Get to know people. Let your music come up naturally.

Have an intriguing elevator pitch prepared. Put posters up advertising your services on local community boards and at coffee shops. Software: OS X version Plan automatically renews after trial. Looking for Windows bit?

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Download here. Software: Windows 7 or later bit editions of Windows require the iTunes bit installer MB of available disk space Some third-party visualizers may no longer be compatible with this version of iTunes. Please contact the developer for an updated visualizer that is compatible with iTunes Like error tolerance, it helps reduce friction to the checkout. A good search engine will be able to understand the nuances of human language to figure out what the shopper wants and then display it.

These capabilities will be especially helpful when dealing with higher volumes of data throughout the season.

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Error tolerance decreases this chance significantly by making it more likely that the engine will recognize what the shopper is looking for, but not even a lack of suitable products should be presented as a blank page. Remember the Amazon Prime Day puppies?

Essentially, you want EVERY page on your site to have a clear purpose that will give shoppers a positive moment with your brand. Feature banners right in the search bar, so your customers are presented with promotions, deals, and messages that are relevant to them. Having the opportunity to present relevant promotions to customers in a place where they are already engaging with you is a great way to incentivize or encourage them to spend more with your brand.

Clever features that reduce friction get shoppers to the checkout quickly, turning them into paying customers. Here we share tips on how to design and execute an exceptional holiday packaging experience. The holidays are the perfect time to revamp your packaging experience to strengthen your brand, build customer loyalty, and manage your operations and shipping costs. During the holidays, online shoppers are taking the time to discover new companies — including yours — and the shipped package is the first physical touchpoint they have with your brand and story.

And, since holiday shoppers are typically buying gifts for their loved ones, it means you have the chance to delight not one, but two customers with one purchase. Are you going with boxes or mailers? Paper or poly mailers? This decision should be based on your brand and values, what you sell, how heavy and bulky your products are, your fulfillment operations, and the importance of managing your shipping costs.

Boxes are great at protecting products, can be beautifully branded, and allow you to offer a unique and memorable unboxing experience by wrapping your items in tissue paper, stickers, and ribbons or twine. But boxes are the most expensive packaging solution, and bulky — making them more expensive to ship to your warehouse, harder to store, and often result in a higher cost of shipping your products to customers. Source: EcoEnclose. These mailers are inexpensive, strong and durable, and are so lightweight, making them easy and cost-efficient to ship and store.

Additionally, the flimsy nature of a poly mailer makes it a great solution for apparel, but not functional for rigid products like jewelry or perfumes. They tend to be a more expensive solution than poly mailers but are still more affordable than a shipping box. Source: RepYourWater. Yes, it is critical that you tell this story on your website, email communications, and social media channels, but there is no denying the power of physically seeing and reading a message to make it stick. And, at a time of year when your customers are likely to come home to a myriad of generic large RSC boxes from mass marketplaces that contain more air than product, you can truly set your company apart with a thoughtful packaging experience that elevates your direct customer connection.

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Source: Your Nonce. Source: Livingink Technologies. Source: Bedrock Sandals. Packaging often needs void fill for dunnage and to add protection. But beyond that, unique packaging you know, the kind that prompts social media posts , exhibits incredible attention to detail when it comes to inner packaging. The joy you can bring to a customer by saving them the burden of some last-minute gift wrapping can go a long way in creating a loyal customer for life!

Add a branded card your customers can use to write a note with their gift. Include branded stickers for your customer or their gift recipient…everyone loves stickers! Source: Joone Creative.

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Making returns painless not only strengthens customer loyalty, it also benefits your operations — fielding those return requests takes customer service a lot of time! How can you build the dream return process during the holiday season? You may need packaging tape.

You might want to stock up on manual and automated tape dispensers.

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You may need labels and label dispensers. As you develop the optimal packaging strategy, be sure to consider the ecological impact of your decisions.

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Clearly, this is a huge problem for the planet. Consumers are more aware of this waste than ever, both the impact of the waste on our environment and that it makes people feel bad to dispose of mounds of packaging garbage. By focusing on sustainability and telling your customers you are doing so! Running a business is stressful enough without wondering if your packaging will arrive in time. By ordering early, you also get ahead of potential out-of-stock issues. Just like you, packaging suppliers are forecasting their needs. If their demand outstrips their forecast, they may run out of stock on items later in the season.

Lead times for custom packaging and marketing materials are typically a minimum of about two weeks up to twelve weeks and even more with overseas manufacturers! Do you have space to store and organize your packaging when it arrives? Shipping boxes in particular are always bigger and bulkier than companies anticipate. Do you have a good setup and process to conduct your entire packaging workflow including any holiday-specific additions such as gift wrapping or adding material for returns?