Anything For You, Sir... (Secretary/Boss Erotic Asphyxiation)

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He continued to lightly smack my butt. I wriggled a little as he continued to push is finger in and out of me. I felt nauseous even though my body was responding sexually. I looked forward expressionless feeling my body involuntarily push back on his hand dripping in my juices.

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He took the juices from my pussy and rubbed them in between my cheeks. He seemed intent on wetting my anus and watching me writhe in anticipation. I shuddered in disgust. He walked to the door but turned to grin at me before he opened the door and left. He nodded to Gene. Go type this. I reached for my clothes. He looked up at me and snatched my clothes from my hands. He opened a closet along the paneled wall and threw the clothes behind the door.

I turned and started to mumble about how ridiculous he was being.

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What did you say Gina? Just remember you brought this on yourself by being such a slut. He started to beat my ass with his belt. I had already taken so much but this completely broke my spirit. I whimpered as he cemented the pain I felt. When he ordered me to turn around he saw the tears in my eyes. This is your punishment for teasing me all those years. Now you know what it feels like. Now your going to learn how to serve one man and your going to do anything I tell you. I could feel his penis poking my tits as he held me. I slid down to my knees and unzipped his trousers revealing his prick.

I felt myself squirt a little knowing how much I really loved sucking dick and being ordered actually made me crazy. He wrapped his hand around his cock and with the other grabbed me by my hair. I heard myself moan softly as he guided his shaft in and out. I tried to stroke his head with my tongue and flick the head.

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It proved very difficult as he was so far down my throat. I looked up at him to see if I was pleasing him. I wanted to look at him while sucking him but he roughly handled my head, forcing back down on his cock. He groaned plunging deeper into me.

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He pulled out of my mouth, his pre-cum and my saliva all over him. I realized I still had my mouth open begging for more slightly drooling at the sight of the stream of fluid from my mouth to his throbbing cock. He had stopped to look at the chair on the other side of the desk. My phone started to ring. He had left my coat on the chair when he ripped my clothes from me.

We both looked up at my coat illuminating and vibrating. It stopped ringing. I remembered suddenly how I had called my boyfriend last night leaving him a very, stressed message. He stared at the jacket while making a single motion to push my head back down on him. As he surveyed the situation I continued to do the job I was hired to do. I tightened my grasp on him, sucking in my cheeks to create a tremendous pressure around his prick.

His reaction was the one I desired and I felt him grow larger as he pushed deeper and deeper into the taught muscles of my throat. I let his head rest on my tongue, stroking his shaft while working up a rhythm. Suddenly the phone rang again. Fuck, I thought.

My boyfriend was worried about me. As I kept hearing Rihanna tell me she was in Disturbia, my ring tone, Gene railed my mouth. I coughed pulling suddenly off of him. He reached out grabbing my hair and plunged back into the warm wetness knowing I was choking on his length. He smiled loving how I struggled to look up into his eyes and take the pain of being suffocated by his dick.

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Again the phone rang. He finally released me as I doubled over choking trying to catch my breath. The phone kept going. I felt Gene position his body behind me.

He leaned over and told me to keep talking no matter what my boyfriend heard. I wanted to pull away but he held my hips in place roughly with his controlling hands. Uh, so what are you doing right now? Gene moved one hand to caress the skin of my back, my long soft hair, and down back down to my ass. Fuck I thought, of all the times for you to show you care.

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I stood in such a venerable position with my ass hanging nude in the air waiting to be raped. I looked back to see Gene rubbing his prick up and down my pussy lips. My breathing started to grow heavy as he started to feel my wetness with the head of his cock. I was craving dick.

He pulled his delicious cock away and inserted two fingers into my dripping pussy. I could feel the cum squirt out onto my thighs as he teased me mercilessly. My boyfriend asked me why I was out of breath. My mind went blank as Gene used his other hand to reach in between my cheeks. I looked back surprised and dejected. I heard my boyfriend say. I could feel my muscles tightening around his finger. Gene knew it too and pushed harder and faster. I threw my head back abandoning my feelings of shame and hatred towards him. Softly moaning, holding the phone as far from my mouth as possible, I pushed back on his fingers helping him get me off.

I reached back and rubbed my own asshole. My mouth was open and my eyes were closed feeling myself ready to go over the edge. I really do……I know baby……. I do sound horny …. Almost without noticing, my body still in shock, I felt him enter my ridiculously wet twat.

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I mean I ohhhhh wow I wish you here….. To practice? I looked back with my mouth wide open about to cry out. I closed the phone.

I begged him over and over to ram himself deeper and deeper inside of me.