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This little boy was being treated on the paediatric ward. He was referred to the MSF hospital here after his foot was severely burnt during an epileptic seizure.

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The arch of the foot a very sensitive area to treat, and the little boy has a serious infection that will require lengthy treatment from our teams. Because this is the only hospital in such a large area, some women have to travel long distances to give birth here. Maternal mortality — the number of women who die from pregnancy or child-birth related complications — is high in South Sudan.

Providing this expert care really does save lives. She had brought her four-year-old grandson to the hospital. I hesitated a long time after high school between studying to be an architect or a cartoonist. While I was working on the pharmacy in Aweil, I drew most of the people in the MSF team here: so many faces from so many places….

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This is Connie, our Australian paediatrician. I sketched her as she did her weekend rounds.


This was an intensely busy day — by the end Connie had examined nearly children. The young patients on the ward mostly need treatment for pneumonia, malaria and dehydration caused by gastroenteritis, but also septicaemia, viruses and skin infections. Measles can be fatal in young children, so parents with kids between the ages of five months and five years are invited to bring them to come and get vaccinated.

The vaccination teams visit strategic points in schools and markets in order to reach the maximum number of people. Follow Camille on Instagram to see more of her illustrations. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

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The impact of digital developments is often something that is commented on quite negatively in the wider world. However in a creative context, digital artists have created a community where they share knowledge and techniques, making it far more accessible and affordable than traditional, physical mediums of creativity. Camille Soulat, a Marseille -based digital illustrator and artist, is an exact example of this with her refreshing works. The result is a series of works which begins with Camille tracing back her memories of events, which she then illustrates in a hazy, blurry interpretation — like a foggy recollection.

For instance, Float is a series by Camille which acts as a digitally illustrated tribute to her local swimming pool, one she frequented during a particularly low period of her life. Now with the majority of her working being created digitally, Camille is returning to the traditional techniques which initially piqued her creative interest.

Camille was asked to create a visual for the robes which protect visitors from hair clippings upon visiting the salon, for which she harks back to another previous memory. Remembering that her dad advised her to hold a key outwardly from her fist to act as a self-defence weapon incase anyone bothered her, her interpretation now adorns the visitors of the salon.

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Through using an open medium of creativity but discussing personal topics, Camille is carving out an interesting niche for herself. Featured model Kate Bock. Featured model Jessica Aidi. Featured model Manuela Alvarez Hernandez.

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