HODULADY 2: They Found a Hollow Stump

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Every day, Funny thingshappen among the neighbors. This story will help children to learngratitude, tolerance, and acceptance. Outline:This story is a fairly tail. The little people live in the woods.

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Thereare villages and towns. The little people have to gettheir own job, right from the time when they are young.

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Hodulady familyhas lots of funny problems while she runs her own bakery shop. Goodfriends, neighbors and some magic help her to make her life happy inthe east west wood, but sometime she in troubles with them too.

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ISBN Pdf. This book was better than The Hypnotist for me - not quite so convoluted - around and around it went and almost came back to the beginning which had me scratching my head trying to remember who that particular character was.

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Either way, Jesus will fill you and take your hand and never let it go.