Life After Law: What Will You Do With The Next 6,000 Days?

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What technologies are changing the way that lawyers deliver legal services to their clients? I think the greatest change in the law is technology. Technology is getting to a point where all information will be integrated into one platform from which lawyers will be able to do everything, from research to billing and more.

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Another example—communication. The bottom line is that the technology genie has been let out of the bag. Just as technology has changed many other businesses, it is just now changing the practice of law.

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What are the top 3 takeaways for lawyers from this book? I was interviewing someone earlier today who talked about going into retirement.

The number one goal is to have a plan. Where do you want to go? We can: 1 close our practice, 2 merge it, 3 sell it, or 4 we can die in our boots.

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The third lesson is literally there really is life after law. The reason it is 65 is because when social security was first implemented, only a small percentage of people lived beyond Now the average age of death today is With those 20 years, we literally have another career span available to us. So, rest assured, there is life after law. He also references additional reading sources for most topics. And for the final three chapters, Ed Poll turns to several contributors for their additional expertise.

It includes appendices with practical information, checklists, and forms that one actually can use in planning and effectuating the transfer or other closure of one's law practice. This book will prevent you from being blindsided by many law practice transition pitfalls and issues you might not have anticipated without reading it. No similar resource exists; this volume is unique.

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It's a comfortable blend of both legal and human considerations. It's usually worthwhile to know what the other side is — or should be — thinking. Bottom line: None of us knows when we might choose — or be forced — to close our law practices. Forewarned is forearmed. This book gives lawyers a road map to take the next steps, with stops along the way that we can consider as well.

Life After Law fills a gap in career advice literature by telling lawyers what is necessary and advisable to personally and professionally transition out of the practice.

Life After Law: What Will You Do with the Next 6,000 Days?

It is essential information for all generations of lawyers. It is a vital resource for anyone who is planning for retirement, with enlightening reflections on winding down the practice and preparing for the future. It should be read by all attorneys, even those not necessarily thinking of retirement, as there is valuable information on preparing for the unforeseen events that can incapacitate an attorney's ability to manage his or her practice. Ed's book is a must read for all lawyers and not just lawyers contemplating retirement.

This well written and practical book will help guide lawyers of any age to really think about how to plan their career and, ultimately, their retirement. It's the type of book that should be read every few years to make sure you are on track with your career and retirement goals. The sample forms are outstanding. The book has a lot of material and digs deeply into all the necessary questions, but is still a fast and enjoyable read. An insider look with information that is sure to go a long way to help achieve optimal results while transitioning out of the practice of law.

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Discover how to determine the value of your practice, set your sale price, evaluate and describe your practice's unique characteristics, negotiate the sale more effectively, anticipate transition issues, Review state's Rules of Professional Conduct for selling a practice. Browse All Books.

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With an eye on balancing the professional and personal fronts, Ed guides readers through steps, such as Choosing retirement on their own terms Guarding clients' welfare in the event of disability or death Transferring client and rainmaking responsibilities Charting an exit from a multi-partner firm Strategizing the sale or closure of a practice Plus , you'll find essential counsel on how to guard your retirement nest egg and create a fulfilling post-practice life!