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But as times and traditions are ever changing, women are beginning to put their own spin on wedding day customs. In this day and age, having a group of women stand beside you, all wearing the exact same dress, following you around during the ceremony, might seem a bit irregular. The actual historical reasoning behind bridesmaids is quite intriguing.

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The origin of the bridesmaid tradition arose from a combination of some vast, and very different factors. The most popular factors include family closeness, socialization, and religion.

However, these women were viewed as servants rather than our modern day social figure. Some sources also state that in ancient times, the bride and chosen bridesmaids wore exactly the same dress style and color and wore veils covering their faces in order to confuse and seemingly trick jealous suiters who wanted to kidnap or harm the bride.

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In this time period, the expectations of bridesmaids were none other than to protect the bride. Lori Douglas Photography. Having your friends and family members join you at the alter and standing beside you during your wedding ceremony can simply be a way of showing the bond that you have with those who have supported you in your journey that led you to that exact moment.

But for some couples, sharing that special moment alone can be the most meaningful and memorable part about the entire day. Some couples are now choosing to put a more present day spin on things by choosing one maid of honor and one best man.

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And this is where the wedding party stops. By doing so, this allows the couple to still partake in a wedding party tradition, but with putting a more simple touch to it. Deciding to go this route still allows both the bride and groom to have their closest friend abide with them and also to endure any obstacles that might arise.

Weddings themselves and the day-of can be quite stressful for a bride.

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Challenges that she can face are added stress and having close girlfriends near by can help ease those pesky wedding day anxieties. If a bride chooses to have a wedding party, bridesmaids do have a very important role. Her list of responsibilities could essentially go on forever, taking on any little problem can help to completely remove the bride from any potential stress.

Some bridesmaid duties and expectations include but are definitely not limited to:. She will need your ongoing support during the months leading up to the wedding day, and then of course on the actual day itself.

Helping with pre-wedding projects. There are countless tasks that will need done to put on a grand show such as a wedding. Many of these tasks include; choosing a venue, dress shopping, creating favors for the guests, mailing invitations, arranging a seating chart, help with finalizing the guest list, prepare an emergency kit for the bride, and among all other tasks, be willing to run any errands that the bride may need. For more information please review our cookie policy. Join Anthony Padilla at this exclusive once-in-a-lifetime collaboration for a peek into the glamorous and enticing world of Anime Maid culture ft.

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