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We started our Skills for Life programme to help to achieve our mission by embedding the values and principles within the curriculum and daily lessons.

Skills for Life Team — the vision and values are shared by all stakeholders. Our academies are parts of the same team. Skills for Life Support — we all work together to enable targeted improvement when needed.

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Giving and receiving is expected of all. We all benefit from wider professional expertise and greater access to career development. Skills for Life Consistency — we agree to do things in a certain way via a process of co-creation and review.

The importance of professional dialogue linked to appropriate venue. NO blind copying.


NO copying in senior staff for effect. Manners — Similar to respect.

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Adults ideally must model this. Look at people as they pass you.

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Listening — Really listen to what the other person is saying. That includes being able to. Ten is about the age when your child can begin to perform many skills independently. She should know how to. By 14, your child should have mastered of all of the previous skills.

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On top of that, she should be able to. Your child will need to know how to support herself when he goes away to college or moves out. There are still a few skills she should know before venturing out on his own, including.


Before heading to college, make sure your teen can master these six life skills. We've broken down what your children should be able to do. Now, how do you get them there? Check out our five tips to make your child self-sufficient.

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