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On their way to find the source of the deadly Tecsek raid that decimated Samara Station with an Alien queen on board, the transformed Caryn Delacroix and the Predator "Big Mama" put the other humans through the deadliest The Nemesis team hunts and destroys Alien hives: small, medium, or large. But Terminal carried a crew of nearly a thousand people, and that makes it the biggest hive in history.

It would be a touch-and-go situation even After Angela and Spawn are trapped in hell they stumble upon a small demon named Smut who agrees to lead them through the circles to their freedom. The Nameless One makes his endgame move in Hollywood as the walls between the Arkana and Earth come crashing down TV star Conan O'Brien and other celebrities from the world His body destroyed, Animal Man's consciousness is drawn into 'the Red,' the plane of existence where all animal life intersects.

A mysterious being in the form of Buddy's mother offers him a choice of two Aquaman and Koryak battle the sea monster which terrorizes the Alaskan village, with Aquaman being surprised at his son's powers. What will they do? Additional Stories The Armorines are sent on a mission to capture a defector in Iraq and to kill a mad scientist.


Can the Armorines succeed before the two build a biological weapon that can kill millions? Jean Paul Valley is homeless and directionless after losing the mantle of Batman and suffering hallucinations. He engages in a fight with a street thug soundly trouncing him. Seeing the fight another homeless person Brian Ambassador Sinclair arrives on Minbar, just in time to see a new Minbari leader sworn in After S'yrn and Pike make good their escape, Void teleports Backlash and his allies home to New York and out of the grasp of the Savage Dragon who wants to arrest them ; Backlash and Taboo spend an evening out on the Mindscape has captured Backlash and Dane and pits our heroes against each other in a virtual reality world until they figure out what is going on and are able to turn the tables on their foe.

The battle we all knew was coming!

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When Ignition stops into the Hammerhead and finds that Barb is out, she and her gum-chewing, gun-crazy sidekick, Niki, kidnap Charlie, figuring Barb will follow Part 1 of the 4-part 'Troika. Savage crimes are being committed in Gotham City, seemingly by men already on Death Row, with one suspect executed years ago. Batman goes undercover into Blackgate prison as an inmate and becomes caught As Troika plotted, Bruce found it difficult at This "special edition" includes three very short stories all set in May of , an "Introduction to the BattleTech universe" by Jordan Weisman, an article about Jordan Weisman and a section called "BattleTech Beauregard's unit, now known as Fallout, launches their attack on the Clan Wolf facility.

The duo stays up late to grab Santa Claus and find out why their stockings have stayed empty all these years.

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Part 2 of the 6-part 'A Twisted Season. Kwai's unleashed magic causes the members of the Blood Syndicate to revert to their pre-Big Bang forms, and Boogieman lives his worst nightmare as his most intimate secret is uncovered for all to see! Meanwhile, Mom and Bloodstrike is tasked with bringing in the dangerous criminals that were freed when he shut down security at Hyde Penitentiary to free War Wolf; Cabbot takes a little detour first to confront Gunther and ends up being reunited Bob's a down-and-out philosopher panhandling his way across the cosmos with his partner Buck Fifty. Mayhem results when Khund Extreme Sacrifice Aftermath!

Without the leadership of Battlestone, the old guard faltered and in the aftermath of the Extreme Sacrifice, only Seahawk remained to carry on the good fight. Out of the ashes of the old, a new No more!

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Is Captain America finished?! Catwoman is forced into a marrying a European millionaire while her bosses, believing she has defected, send in an assault force to storm the nobleman's castle and kill the Feline Fatale. During her last operation, Catwoman The Big Picture full text article by Dave 2. A story of Chapel's past years before Youngblood. While delivering a cache of pre-Empire textbooks to an outlying system, Luke Skywalker encounters Imperial forces as they take an entire school hostage! A young prodigy escapes, and he alone can offer the rallying cry that All the major players looking for and possessing shards of Tolometh receive visions via a mysterious amulet.

The second sourcebook describing characters, locations and equipment found in the Cyberforce universe. Still recovering from the disease that put him out of the series for several issues, Darkhawk is back! Portal needs help defeating the revenge-crazed Mahari, but is Darkhawk up to it? Events in this issue lead As Mike tries to get his bearings in the land of glitz and glamour, Slade's body has been recovered by the Chicago Police Department.

Crimelord has sent additional mercenaries, Coven and Slagg, to Chicago. Wintergreen and Lili recruit Guy Gardner to help search for Rose. When Queen Tatiana comes to town, she develops a crush on Aladdin and abducts him! Meanwhile, the Genie puts on a Vegas magic show a la Siegfried and Roy! Can Jasmine rescue Aladdin, and will somebody take the Genie--please?

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Meanwhile, Belle suspects that a romantic poem "written" especially Doctor Doom reclaims his reign over Latveria in the future with focused integrity to set a political discourse in Makhelestan for a domino-effect of Civil war and political overhaul. Elsewhere, Doom's allies set a police Cover by Arthur Suydam. Tarzan has been left behind by the outlaw safari, tied to a tree, and left to face the fury of Gorgo the buffalo. Resigned to his fate, Tarzan fails to see the lithe, stalking form of his friend, Cover art by Barry Blair.

Elvira has always considered herself a model citizen, but she's never been an actual model.

She causes a sensation at the high-class Hangover Agency, but she makes a dangerous enemy of their top model, Stormi Wethers Britanic fixes up Moiras hovercraft. There are reports of violence in Genosha and Excalibur is asked to investigate a type of weapon that kills mutants.

The plane gets hit by a missile and starts to go down The first one is convinced Betrayals: Part 1 of 4 - "Love and Betrayal! Meanwhile, Danny Ketch and the Ghost Rider have a battle of wills for control. But their dual could High above Rockefeller Center, the last Green Lantern tests his mettle against the awesome magnetic powers of Doctor Polaris. It's Christmas and Kyle is late for teen titans training and monitor duty. Arsenal chews him Life has reached a fever pitch in Susan Verhagen's hometown. The local punks have killed her one true love, and she has vengeance on her mind.

Getting through the front ranks of lowlife scum is easy, but the monstrous This created a battle The return of the alternate-reality Silver Surfer -- known as the Keeper -- reveals the fate of Galactus! Also, the Guardians form an uneasy alliance with Ripjak to stop the deadly return of Bubonicus. And, help may be on Part 2 of the 3-part 'Capital Punishment,' continued from last issue. Warrior goes berserk when he learns that Major Force may have been responsible for his mother's death. Even if Guy Gardner lets the villain Different people are reacting to Hardcase's disappearance.

Turf vows vengeance against Hardcase, who was recently apprehended by him. The Omega Team try to pick up the pieces as mercenary killers after having faced several Part 4 of the 4-part 'Eyes of the Hawk. But this villain has something to reveal to Katar Hol: the final secret of Hawkman's The forces working against Lotusland elect the Hulk as their leader.

Two women become romantically interested in the Hulk; one for his decency, one for the power he represents. Icon is gone, leaving a pregnant Rocket to continue his work and to face the biggest decision of her life Plus, the belief-defyin' return of Buck Wild!

Bond's midnight excursion into The Estate for the Disciples of the Heavenly Way reveals that the believers are more than just quiet and devout -- they're fanatical soldiers bent on the destruction of The Beast Dredd ventures deep into a cyberspace utopia to find the person in control of it all. With the help of Psi-Judge cadet Anderson, Judge Dredd finds his way to the clinic of the demented Doctor Bliss, where the surgeon's victims are harvested for their organs. But events take an even more horrific turn Out for revenge on Maxwell Lord, the brother of a terrorist the JLI defeated early in their career appears, with the power to project explosions.

He attacks the JLA. Part 4 of the 4-part 'Savage Legacy,' continued from the previous issue. The Task Force struggles to stop Vandal Savage's doomsday machine even as its most powerful member, Despero, is lost. And the only hero who can possibly Lee Falk's legendary creation comes to Marvel in this spectacular limited series! The Legion is called in to Planet Hell, a penitentiary located in the middle of the sun that has recently lost main life support. The team will have to work fast and in uncomfortable conditions to ensure the facility can The members of the Legion of Super-Heroes and of Workforce work together to save the lives of all the incarcerated criminals in the prison they are at.

Lobo finally gets his 15 minutes of fame when he takes up a guitar and hits some power chords. And if that doesn't earn him a place on the charts, he can always use the guitar to pummel some interstellar recording company When Magnus discovers that some guards were secretly sent by Minister Stimpert who is possessed by the Immortal Enemy to kill him, he then has to secretly make his way back home while Torque and Slagger continue their Iron Man was one of the founding members of the Avengers, one of Marvel's premiere team books.

He has rejoined that team at various times throughout his career and even had affiliations with a few other groups of super Reprints from Fantastic Four Vol.


Blood Fellas The Bocor remains one step ahead of Jack Kellor as rival crime families begin to sense weaknesses in the new boss. But the sudden disappearance of his sister may be the final straw for Jack Moonshadow continues to tell the story of his Awakening with an epigraph from "Peter Pan. In his guise as Dr. Morgan Michaels, Michael Morbius is in his lab at St.

Jude's Hospital pondering the recent physiological changes he's undergone: each midnight, his fingernails, ears and incisors grow to vampiric appearance, Chaos reigns on Outworld as the Mortal Kombat characters scheme against one another. When Nightmare's true love dumps him, he vows to turn her life into a living nightmare!

Meanwhile, Exile, who usurped Nightmare's throne, sends deadly assassins forth to eliminate the Dark Lord of Dreams once and Ninjak is trapped in a medieval dungeon between a squad of Webnet killers and a team of Russian treasure hunters!

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Will he be able to make it out before the hidden gold of Operation Hope and Glory falls into the wrong hands? Keiichi Morisato has his hands full with two lovely goddesses hanging around the house. But trouble always comes in threes, and sure enough, goddesses are no exception! The goddess Skuld is having some trouble debugging After rescuing Cercie from an extremely large troll, possibly even a dark troll, Luse and Jace fight over letting the Elvin Council know about the appearance of the troll.

While they are aguing the simple sound of "Nyar!

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Prowler takes on the Vulture; Hobie's wife leaves for California.