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District voters said job creation was their top concern, as it has been nationally, whether they support Bachmann or Graves. Jeff Johnson, who said he worked 22 years at the Verso Paper Corp.

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The district encompasses eastern, northern and western suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul and stretches north and west to central Minnesota farms and cities. The already conservative district grew more Republican after a redistricting, analysts have said. Bachmann has never won more than 53 percent of the vote in the 6th district and won by only 3 percentage points in the last presidential election year of Hamline University Professor David Schultz said Bachmann may have alienated some constituents when she embraced her Iowa roots during the presidential campaign, making the race more competitive, but he still expected her to win reelection.

She has the name recognition and she is a money machine," Schultz said. Jerry Relph, a Bachmann supporter from St. Cloud, said he believed it was "disrespectful" for Graves to say Bachmann had not been a part of the district.

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Michele Bachmann, R-Minn. If convicted, they could each face decades in prison. Ammon and Ryan Bundy have also been indicted over the standoff in Oregon, which lasted 41 days. Now two more sons of Cliven — Davey, 39, and Mel, 41 — have also been arrested in a coordinated operation that also involved the arrest of Jerry DeLemus, a year-old New Hampshire co-chair for Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner. Those three, along with 11 other new defendants, now face prosecution for their participation in the conflict over government land restrictions.

The charges include conspiracy to impede and injure federal law enforcement officers, threatening and assaulting officers, obstruction of justice, interfering with interstate commerce by extortion, and use of firearms for a violent crime. Ammon, Ryan and five other men are now facing felony charges in both the Nevada and Oregon cases and could end up with significant prison time if they are ultimately convicted.

Davey was present in Bunkerville during the standoff — like many in the family who returned to the ranch to support their father — but he was never violent, according to Shiree. This year Davey also told Ammon and Ryan that he was not willing to risk arrest and join them in Oregon, according to Shiree.

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I have a family and kids to take care of. I have five kids now with no provider.

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Mel was present at the Oregon occupation at the beginning of the standoff , but he was not one of the 25 people recently indicted in the Malheur wildlife refuge case. Cliven, Ammon and Ryan have all been denied bail and remain behind bars. DeLemus, a Tea Party activist, was present at the standoff and also traveled to the Oregon occupation this year. The Guardian interviewed DeLemus on multiple occasions at the Oregon refuge in January, and the rightwing activist repeatedly said he was there to try to help negotiate a peaceful resolution.