The Gift of Everlasting Cheer

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The Poinsettia Poinsettias are practically synonymous with the holiday season — the plants' bright red and sometimes white leaves are warm, inviting and festive. Known as "the Christmas flower," poinsettias were prized by the Aztecs and have since become an integral part of celebrating the cheerful season. In fact, there's a legend for why these plants are associated with Christmas — it's said that a young Mexican boy who couldn't afford to buy a gift, picked some weeds on Christmas Eve.

When he brought them into his church, they bloomed miraculously into vibrant red flowering plants. Enter Our Contest to Send a Bouquet to a Loved One In the spirit of the gift-giving season, Find a Florist wants to help you send cheer to someone special in your life, whether it's a mother, significant other, long-distance relative or good friend. All you have to do to enter our Send Cheer Contest is choose your favorite holiday flower, between the holiday wreath and the poinsettia, and enter your name and email address. We'll choose five winners total — just enter any time between now and Jan.

On her senior prom she rolled out of the limo with Spongebob slippers in her hand and wearing sunglasses. Of course, she loved kids and helping people and wanted to be a pediatric nurse. That dream was short lived. Kim was born into eternal life on November 25, She was our angel on earth and she is now our angel in heaven.

Kim's Personal Gift of Life Page. Visit the Gift of Life website at giftoflife. Malvern, PA Email Kim's Awareness. Kim's Awareness on Facebook. Sign the Kim's Awareness Guestbook. Ephesians THIS is how we do battle with all that threatens to undo us. THIS is the weapon we must take into our hands when darkness starts to close in. I took up the challenge this morning, and this is the passage to which I was drawn—.

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Yet I am always with you; you hold me by my right hand. You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. I bring you a little taste of a Scottish Christmas past. I threw the phone on the sofa and shook my head.

That, instead of, well, cleaning my own living room, perhaps. Or cooking something for my family to eat they do get hungry some—all—of the time.

Holiday Cheer arranged by a florist in Spencer, WV : Spencer Floral

This week, though, I was struck with a feeling very different. But these most splendid photos are glimpses of my wonderfully blessed world! Those awful, funny messes that Littlebear makes for me to clean up. The peeks at Professor and his cello. The glimpses into my writing life. The pirate and viking adventures I watch my wee men get lost in. They are all gifts. And they are mine. So this week as you pick up your phone and are tempted to start scrolling, go to your own page.

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A rainbow is a promise. This rainbow appeared over the sea on Christmas day while we opened our gifts. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Home About Avonlea Q. Feeds: Posts Comments.

Immanuel A Gift From God

You can find it in the tone of your very own voice. My fingers are blue with the telling of it.

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All that rolling eggs round till they come up like the sky. And we said it was like the stone rolling, opening up that cave-tomb two millennia ago. And we speak of the first Good Friday, and how strange that we call it all good, when there came then the ugliest ugly that ever was or ever will be.

From the kitchen window I watch them, red-breasted robins against the flat, dry brown. And I know it means winter was beaten, and I smile at the green that will come. And I stop them once or twice just to point out where a bulb or a bud has poked through. Because today there was plenty of ugly In my heart, in my voice, in my face. Ugly always finds some way in. And how could I even bear it?

Oh, my sweet ones, He has conquered death and sin.