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Another Enlightenment: Spinoza on Myth and Imagination

Rethinking the Domestic Analogy in a Global Age, trans. Journal of International Studies Edited Volumes 5. Feminism, Capitalism and Critique. Marcucci, R. Colombo, V. Morfino, G. Mormino, Cesena, Ponte Vecchio Montoia, and N. Avelino Contrassegnos: Sao Paulo, Critical Horizons Spinoza e le scienze sociali, ed. Marcucci Ghibli: Collana Spinoziana, pp. Rivista di filosofia.

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A comparative look backward: Cassirer, Sorel and Spinoza. Bottici and B. Challand, vol. European Journal of Social Theory 9 4 1. Merle Stuttgart: Frommann-Holzboog , pp. Dimitri Vardoulakis New York: Bloomsbury, forthcoming Mike Hanne et al. Rolf Haubl and Marianne Leuzinger-Bohleber, pp. Ungureanu and L. Zucca, pp.

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Challand and C. Bottici, pp. Koleva and K.


Grozev, pp. Kurian, vol. Van Vree, K. Tilmans, and J. Winter, pp. Nota introduttiva. Bevir, pp.

Badie, D. Berg-Schlosser, and L. Morlino London: Sage, 8. Ferrara, pp. He was a member of the British Council's Literature Advisory Committee LITAC , , and has been a consultant to the British Film Institute on exploiting archive footage as well as producer of two broadcast documentaries for Channel 4 television.

He received his doctorate from Oxford University, and his research focuses on political issues in language and linguistics. His is currently working on the question of interpretation in a legal context, and his most recent publication is Language, Meaning and the Law Edinburgh University Press, She received her PhD from Cambridge University, and has published articles on second language acquisition, law and language, and law and psychology.

He received his JSD from Columbia University, and his areas of interest include law and popular culture, law and literature, law and film, and theories of human rights and justice. After graduating with a degree in law, Raffield trained as an actor. He continues to work as an actor and director. Raffield studied for his PhD at Brikbeck College, London, and has subsequently published extensively in the fields of law and literature and legal history.

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He is the founding coeditor of the journal Law and Humanities. His first monograph, entitled Moral Conflict and Legal Reasoning Hart, , was an analysis of legal reasoning and institutions from the conflicting perspectives of the liberal theory of Isaiah Berlin and the liberal critique of Alasdair MacIntyre, and was the winner of the European Award for Legal Theory.

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Current research projects include comparing legal traditions in their philosophical and socio-economic contexts; a critical evaluation of citizenship and the common good in the European Union; and representations of pain in legal and aesthetic contexts. He works on literary-legal relations in nineteenth-century England and France, and also has a strong interest in representations of law in Asian cinema.

He is also the author of a forthcoming monograph on Shakespeare and the law Ecco Press. Robert J. He was educated at Oxford University and is the author of many books on colonial discourse and on Post-colonialism. S-Asia Law Institute and a leading specialist on China's criminal procedure. Yu is also an adjunct professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Law in Shanghai, where he teaches both a course on Chinese criminal law and a comparative course on criminal justice in the United States.

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He received his PhD from Birkbeck and works on legal philosophy, the experience of refugees and property studies. Please email Lydia Bute lbute hku. Elaine Y.