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But they are imbued with a sense of discovery by Carter's use of a split-focus technique in which bellows attached between the lens and camera body tilt the lens and create a blurry effect in parts of the image that would ordinarily be in focus. In an image such as Pinocchio , showing a street performer manipulating a plain wooden marionette of the title, the marionette, the small case in which he's carried, and the legs of the puppeteer are in sharp focus near the bottom of the frame, but the rest of the scene -- the hedge-lined path, the trees above, the rest of the puppeteer -- are fuzzy blocks of black and gray and blobs of white.

At times, this technique can be unnerving, the blurriness too reminiscent of glaucoma or other oracular ailments. But the longer you look, the more the images take on the delicate elegance of watercolor, Carter's masterful command of darks and light giving the unfocused areas a rich fluidity. And of course, the blurred areas provide a more dramatic contrast to the photographs' focal points, infusing the sharply etched subjects -- the swirl of inky water in a Venetian canal, a burnished trumpet in a plush highbacked chair, the back of an owl perched on a tent post, the seemingly wise eyes of a large dog, a cathedral spire, a young boy wearing a mask of chicken wire across his face, the glint of light off a raven's beak -- with an enchanted sense of import, of grandeur, of mystery, of beauty.

Holding Venus takes its name from one of the photographs in the book, a sly optical illusion in which a figure in a broad-brimmed cowboy hat with an arm raised to the sky appears to be holding the intensely bright planet in his cupped hand. In his erudite, frequently lyrical essay on Carter that follows the plates, critic John Wood offers that the collection builds on the photographer's previous use of astronomical imagery and that here Carter "has brought heaven and earth together -- so close that a person can simply reach out and hold Venus.

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In these photographs, it is as if Carter has caught some of those rare glimpses of the world's true beauty and is giving us, at long last, the chance to linger on them and embrace, visually at least, the grace and mystery that goddess represents. In American Beauty , an impossibly elegant floating bag was a reminder of the remarkable splendor that surrounds us everwhere. Holding Venus reminds us of that again, and Carter's book is its own American beauty.

Skip To Content. Showing all books. Covers List. Started as a movement a decade ago by American activist Tarana Burke, MeToo went viral in , changing the way people look at sexual harassment and assault of women. This compelling title discusses the explosion of the movement and encourages readers to examine silence breaking, while key issues related to power, gender equality and violence are explored.

What is it like to be an Indigenous woman or girl today? In this compelling collection of art, essays, poems and interviews, more than 50 contemporary artists come together to shatter stereotypes, reveal hurt from the past and celebrate hope for the future. This compilation showcases the strength, diversity and talent of Native American girls and women. Take a tour of Maple Leafs history through vivid illustration and rhyming verse! This companion book to M Is for Maple Leafs will delight hockey fans both young and old.

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One, two, threes have never looked so charming as in this new picture book by Canadian illustrator Toko Hosoya, whose vibrant and fun hand-drawn sea creatures will captivate young readers. Includes interactive activities for further fun. Rivers are powerful forces that have made civilizations rise and crumble, have both divided and linked cultures and even provide clues to where we came from. With compelling storytelling, striking art and colourful photos, this book explores 10 of the world's mighty rivers — from the Nile to the Amazon, the Zambezi to the Thames — that have determined the course of history.

Now she is moving to Vancouver to live with her dad. No one likes baths.

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What a waste of time! Plus, baths are super dangerous! In this entertaining book, a young boy cites reasons why he does NOT need a bath. A hilarious take on kids and bath time. Sara Jean is a dutiful granddaughter, trying to escape a pre-ordained life and become a writer. They have both been abandoned by a parent. They come together over a hour community-service sentence to clean out a garage full of secrets with implications for them both.

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Organized around common classroom challenges, this jam-packed resource helps teachers recognize and respond to the needs of their students. Two hundred simple activities engage and refocus students, bringing a "hit of fun" into their day. This valuable book will help get students more motivated, involved and focused on learning. Aimed at Kindergarten to Grade Two random strangers with two heartbreaking secrets.

Thirty-six questions to make them fall in love. Hildy and Paul each have their own reasons for joining the university psychology study that asks the simple question: Can love be engineered? By the time they make it to the end, they've driven each other almost crazy. But have they fallen in love? Through sharing the stories of five celebrated giraffes, this captivating book explores the world of giraffes living both in the wild and in captivity.

While giraffes are an iconic part of the African landscape, some species of giraffes are endangered and facing extinction in the wild. From their leafy diets to their hidden social lives, giraffes are important creatures that must be protected. In the year , India has a ratio of five boys to every girl — women are a valuable commodity. In the city state of Koyanagar, boys must compete in tests to win a wife. Sudasa and Kiran thwart each other at every turn until they realize that they may want the same thing.

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Join in the fun at the rink and on the ice with stories that are perfect for anytime! From the thrill of your first hockey game to scoring a golden goal, this book is packed with a dozen true stories of Canada's game. Each story is just the right length for reading aloud in five minutes — ideal for young fans and future stars! This is a remarkably vivid account of the tragedy in which sealers were stranded during a severe snowstorm off the coast of Newfoundland.

Abandoned for two nights in the open, 78 men froze to death on the pack ice. Survivor testimony, striking archival materials, weather visualizations, inventive animation and puppetry are seamlessly blended to recreate this harrowing ordeal. Home consumers can watch this film for free on the NFB's website. To learn more visit nfb. When Sophie's boyfriend breaks up with her because she is too predictable and too boring, her best friend, Ella, comes up with a plan to help Sophie find her spontaneous side.

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In the 90 days before the start of university, Sophie will do amazing, new, different and sometimes scary things. Can 90 days of different create a different life? Full of charming hand-drawn animals like a jaguar wearing a crown or a pig reading a book, this volume will engage little ones as they learn the alphabet. Includes a poster with each animal found in the book and its corresponding letter in both upper and lower case.

In this extra-magical edition, follow Abby down the rabbit hole into Wonderland! Together with Frankie, Robin and Penny, she'll encounter talking rabbits, mad hatters, bossy caterpillars and mean queens — and attend an unforgettable tea party. But if she can't solve a curious riddle in time, the girls could be stuck in Alice's story for good! This special edition contains fun bonus content! Young Abigail Price is excited about spring in her new Birchtown home. This first picture book set in historic Birchtown, Nova Scotia, opens a window into the life of a Black Loyalist family in the early years of the historic colony. In the depths of winter, a woman wanders off in the snow. A full-blown search begins.

Meanwhile, Derek is staying with his new girlfriend and her parents while his family is out of town. When he disappears the same night, questions arise. Did he run away? Or did something happen to him? Two disappearances in one night. Someone knows the truth. You can be an absolute expert on all things soccer — from sports history to the latest gear, from stats on your favourite athletes to facts about little-known regulations! In this sequel to Apparition , Amelia is caught up in a series of paranormal mysteries that threaten to unravel everything she believes in.

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