The Splish Splash of Gods Salvation: The Meaning of Baptism For Gods Community

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Let all mortal flesh keep silence, tr. Moultrie Let all the people praise Thee,, Lelia N. Godfrey Birtill Lift up your heads, ye gates of brass, James Montgomery alt. Lift up your heads, you mighty gates, tr. We lift them, Lord, to thee, H. Holmes Lord of all good, our gifts we bring to thee, Albert F.

Bayly Lord, speak to me, that I may speak, Frances R. Hernaman Lord, You are so precious to me, Graham Kendrick. Havergal Master the tempest is raging, Mary A. My God! Latin, based on a 16th-cent. He cleansed my soul, Eliza Edmunds Hewitt O bread to pilgrims given, tr.

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Ray Palmer alt. Frederick Oakeley , altd. O come all ye faithful, Tr. Frederick Oakeley - 80 Arr.

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John Mason Neale , altd. O come, all ye faithful, tr. Lex Loizides O God of earth and altar, G. Dewing O God, of good the unfathomed sea! John Wesley O God, thou art the Father, tr.

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Lange tr. John Wesley O God, thy being who can sound, tr. John Wesley O God, what offering shall I give, tr. Bode O Jesus, King most wonderful, tr. Brownlie O little one sweet, O little one mild, S. How great Thou art , Stuart K. KAO tr. O love divine! O love of God how strong and true, H. O praise him, O praise him, W. O splendour of God's glory bright, tr.

Monsell O, for a thousand tongues to sing, Charles Wesley Of the father's love begotten, Prudentius c. Oh praise ye the Lord! Burkitt Out of the depths I cry to thee, tr. Bayly alt. Lyte Praise the Lord, ye heavens adore him, Anon. Catherine Winkworth Praise ye the Lord! Rejoice, O people, in the mounting years, Albert F. Crosby Ride on ride on in majesty, H.

O the joyful sound! Root Shepherd divine, our wants relieve, Charles Wesley Shepherd of my thankful heart Shepherd of my heart , Paul Oakley Shepherds came, their praises bringing, Latin, 14th cent. BAKER altd. Also go to Lighthouse Trails Research. Thomas Jay Oord born is a Wesleyan theologian and philosopher who specializes in research related to love , relational thought including relational theism , and science and religion. Oord is an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. He was a youth pastor at Bridge church of the Nazare at Bridge Ca.

He proposes this definition with the desire that it might be useful for research in science, religion, and philosophy. Oord has also posited definitions of the classic love archetypes commonly referred to by philosophers and theologians:. As a relational theologian , Oord argues that the fundamental nature of all things existing is relational.

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What it means to exist is decided by the decisions made in response to the influence of others, including God. Oord says that God is also relational, and God and creatures mutually influence one another. This preceding divine influence is the inspiring and empowering of prevenient grace See John Wesley.

Oord has been identified rightly or wrongly with a number of contemporary theological movements, including Holiness theology, Wesleyan theology, Open theology, Arminian theology, Process theology, Liberation theology, Evangelical, Postmodern, and Feminist theology. The driving force behind his theological interests, however, seems to be his intent to make sense of God as love and the great love commandments given by Jesus.

Oord argues that love and altruism are important spiritual and scientific categories for contemporary research. He adopts a form of theistic evolution, which requires a necessary place for both divine and creaturely action. Oord argues that the traditional doctrine of creation out of absolutely nothing argument does not make scientific, philosophic or biblical sense in light of the problem of evil and divine love relations.

Oord was the president of the Wesleyan Theological Society from [4] and was past president of the Wesleyan Philosophical Society. Trained in the philosophy of religion and theology, my specialty is Process or Whiteheadian thought. My Ph.

Since writing the dissertation many years ago, I have had the privilege of teaching the religions of the world, and my interests have grown to include them all. Even though all religious traditions are finite and none can be said to have all the truth, I am impressed with the various kinds of wisdom that each contains: wisdom that seems relevant not only to their adherents but also to the wider world.

I am simultaneously impressed by the need on the part of people in the many different traditions to develop forms of awareness that are sensitive to the value of the more-than-human world- that is, the plants and animals, the hills and rivers- and to engage in dialogue with one another for the sake of peace and mutual transformation.

Accordingly, I have written books on religion and ecology, religion and inter-religious dialogue, and spirituality in an age of consumerism.

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My current interest is to see how these myriad concerns might unfold in China. I have taken students to China several times and have made many good friends in China myself, thanks to the work of the China Project, which is based at the Center for Process Studies in Claremont, California. My aim as a teacher at Hendrix is to help students understand how people live and think in different parts of the world when they are shaped by religious points of view.

Understanding others and creatively responding to what one learns: these are the guiding ideals of my teaching. I have written five books and edited three. My current project is to write a book that can be used in China and in the United States to facilitate cross-cultural interchange. It uses the philosophy of Whitehead as a bridge by which people in the two cultures can communicate with one another and as a bridge by which people in both cultures, each in their own way, can move forward into the twenty-first century in ways that are socially just, ecologically sustainable, and spiritually satisfying.

I am also interested in taking students from Hendrix to China and helping others get to know Chinese people. Toward that end I work closely with several universities in China and the United States. Vodpod videos no longer available. Interspirit Database of Interfaith Organizations. The Pluralism Project. Dean G. They are not of the world just as I am not of the world.

Therefore we are in the world spreading the gospel hence not of the world. Jesus is not praying for isolation but rather insulation against the evil one. The mission of the Religious Education Association is to create opportunities for exploring and advancing the interconnected practices of scholarship, research, teaching, and leadership in faith communities, academic institutions, and the wider world community. Monday, January 11, Blevins , professor of Christian education and director of the master of arts in Christian education degree program at Nazarene Theological Seminary NTS recently accepted two new leadership roles that provide new responsibilities for the global church and greater influence within the academic discipline of Christian education.

On November 24, , Blevins was voted president-elect of the Religious Education Association REA , the oldest organization guiding professional research and academic teaching in global educational ministry. The mission of the REA is to create opportunities for exploring and advancing the interconnected practices of scholarship, research, teaching, and leadership in faith communities, academic institutions, and the wider world community.

Founded in , REA now combines professional practitioners, academics, and research theorists from around the world. Blevins, who has been a member of the REA Board of Directors, will serve a three-year term that includes serving as program chair of the annual meeting in and officially taking the role of president in Working with Clergy Development, Blevins will resource educational institutions in planning ministry education, and be responsible for other program areas including the next Global Theology Conference.

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I am thankful to NTS for providing a context where academic passion and ministry dedication merge together. I am also grateful to an institution that allows me space to serve in these global positions. Undoubtedly the experiences I gain from these leadership roles will enrich students and ministry preparation at Nazarene Theological Seminary. Blevins has maintained an active role in several academic organizations including the North American Professors of Christian Education, and the Wesleyan Theological Society where he has chaired the practical theology section for nine years. He has also served the general church as a consultant to children, youth, and adult ministries; and recently contributed to a new denominational study concerning family ministry.

In October , Blevins was re-elected chairman of the Board of YouthFront , a regional youth ministry based in Kansas City with national education programming in youth ministry and youth spiritual formation. Franklin Logsdon was a respected evangelical pastor and popular Bible conference speaker. He pastored Moody Memorial Church in Chicago from to He also helped interview some of the men who served as translators for this version.

As we see in the following testimony, in the later years of his life Logsdon publicly renounced his association with the modern versions and stood unhesitatingly for the King James Bible. Upon investigation, I wrote my very dear friend, Mr. The product, however, is grievous to my heart and helps to complicate matters in these already troublous times. Two questions were handed me tonight which if I could answer them would take care of almost all the other questions:. May I point out to you very specifically, not that you do not know but to stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance, we are in the end time.