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The original El. Savage Henry is the title of a comic book series written and illustrated by Matt Howarth. The stories center on Savage Henry, lead guitarist of the "insect rock" band the Bulldaggers. Howarth regularly drew "guest appearances" by real world musicians in the comic book, including The Residents, Moby, Foetus, Hawkwind, Nash the Slash, and others. The title was picked up, continuing the numbering, by Rip Off Press in , which published an additional 17 issues until Caliber Press published 3 issues of Savage Henry volume 2 in ; they also published the three-issue limited series Savage Henry: Headstrong that same year.

MU Press picked up Savage Henry in , publishing the three-issue limited series Powerchords and the. Helix was a short-lived, science fiction and science fantasy imprint of DC Comics, launched in and discontinued in In early promotional materials prior to the release of the first title, the imprint was called Matrix instead of Helix. It was renamed because of the then-upcoming film, The Matrix. Ellis' Transmetropolitan was switched to the Vertigo imprint, where it continued for several more years before reaching its planned conclusion.

Those Annoying Post Bros. Equally inspired by H. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick, and ambient electronic music, the series ran for 63 issues published by a number of companies from —, making it one of the longest-running indy comics titles.

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Plot and characters The Post Bros. Anyone killed in Bugtown or brought there immediately after death will soon regenerate. According to creator Howarth, the Post Bros. He left Kluster in , first working with his group Eruption and then focusing on solo works.


Schnitzler participated in several collaborations with other electronic musicians. His father was German, his mother was Italian. He had a wife and they had three children,[1] one of whom is son Gregor Schnitzler, who was born in in Berlin and who is a film director.

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Discography Electronic Meditation with Tangerine Drea. MU Press officially Miscellanea Unlimited Press was an independent comic book publisher based in Seattle, Washington, which operated — c. MU Press was one of the industry's most prolific "furry" comic publishers, while its mids imprint Aeon Publications specialized in alternative fare. Wood's Rhudiprrt, Prince of Fur. Cathy Hill's Mad Raccoons debuted in , running until In , MU published the first issue of the erotic furry anthology Wild Kingdom which later changed its title to Wild!

MU's Aeon Publications imprint operated —, publishing a wide variety of alternative titles. Aeon acquired Matt Howarth's Those Annoying. Star Crossed, is a three-issue comic book mini-series published in under the short-lived DC Comics imprint, Helix.

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Consistent with the performance of other Helix titles, Star Crossed failed to appeal to a broad readership and the poor sales figures which accompanied its publication coincided with a general downturn in the American comic book industry. Plot synopsis Dyltah is a being from the far-future, a loner: she forsakes the humanity of her upbringing and elects to undergo a genetic transformation, becoming "a living lightsail" [1] who glides the solar currents of deep space.

She commences an unlikely romance with Saa, a sentient chunk of space-rock. Part parody, part space opera, Star Crossed pays oblique homage to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as the dalliance of the two lovers draws the attention of various political fac. Arthur Wilton Brown born 24 June [1] is an English rock singer and songwriter best known for his flamboyant theatrical performances, eclectic and sometimes experimental work and his powerful, wide-ranging operatic voice. Brown has been lead singer of various groups, most notably the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Kingdom Come, followed by a varied solo career as well as associations with Hawkwind, the Who and Klaus Schulze.

Bulldagger may refer to: A slang term used for a lesbian; see Dyke slang. The Bulldaggers, a fictional rock band in Matt Howarth's comics.

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Adder is a dark science fiction novel by American writer K. Jeter, set in a future where the United States has largely broken down into reluctantly cooperating enclaves run by a wide variety of strongmen and warlords, with a veneer of government control that seems largely interested in controlling technology.

Adder is an artist-surgeon, who modifies sexual organs of his patients to satisfy the weirdest of perversion; he is clearly depicted as a partly criminal, partly counter-cultural figure in a future Los Angeles which anticipates the cyberpunk idea of the Sprawl. Adder is Jeter's debut novel. It was originally completed in and then published in by Bluejay Books — the first fictional work it ever published — with illustrations by Matt R. Dick, the publication of this book was delayed for a decade due to the extreme violence and graphic sex, and but for this delay "its impact on the field would have been enormous.

Vortex Comics is a Canadian independent comic book publisher that operated during the years to History Vortex was founded by year-old high school dropout[2] William P.

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Marks recalled, "[Comic books] had a lot of potential for growth that I could see. I could see a revolution happening. By this time Cerebus was doing extremely well. Elfquest was a runaway success in the bookstores and on the best-seller lists. Eclipse was just starting up and shortly thereafter Pacific Comics started to get quite big. William Nelson born 18 December in Wakefield, West Riding of Yorkshire, England [1] is an English singer, guitarist, songwriter, producer, painter, video artist, writer and experimental musician.

He rose to prominence as the chief songwriter, vocalist and guitarist of the rock group Be-Bop Deluxe, which he formed in His father was an alto saxophone player who led his own dance band. His mother, Jean, was a member of a dance troupe when younger. Nelson attended local schools in the Wakefield area and in the s went to Wakefield College of Art.

The band later would become Scornflakes, ultimately the same lineup with the addition of a vocalist Boy White and a shift into a sound centered on punk, rather than the jazzy-rock dissonance common in songs by Regressive Aid.

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All three m. This is a list of notable fictional television stations, including fictional television networks. Steve Brule.

Written between November and February , it was first published in the June issue of Astounding Stories. Plot The Shadow Out of Time indirectly tells of the Great Race of Yith, an extraterrestrial species with the ability to travel through space and time. The Yithians accomplish this by switching bodies with hosts from the intended spatial or temporal destination.

The story implies that the effect, when seen from the outside, is similar to spiritual possession. The Yithians' original purpose was to study the history of various times and places, and they have amassed a "library city" that is filled with the past and future history of multiple races, including humans. Ultimately the Yithians use their ability to escape the destruction of their planet in another galaxy by switching bodies with a race of cone-shaped plant beings who lived million years ago on Earth.

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The cone-shaped entities subsequently also. The French title translates literally as "Howling Metal". Moebius , Chantal Montellier, and Milo Manara. Since the color pages had already been shot in France, the budget to reproduce them in the. The Dune Encyclopedia is a collection of essays written by Willis E.

McNelly and multiple other contributors as a companion to Frank Herbert's Dune series of science fiction novels. Though approved by Herbert, his own introduction rendered the Encyclopedia non-canon. Overview The Dune Encyclopedia, written by McNelly and 42[1] other contributors as a companion to the Dune series, was published in paperback in The encyclopedia also includes explanations of the armies, major schools Bene Gesserit,[7] Mentats,[8] etc. Cover to XXXenophile 2. Pencils by Phil Foglio. It is an anthology of short, whimsical, erotic fantasy and science fiction stories, written and penciled by Phil Foglio.

Each story is inked by a different artist. The series' general emphasis is on the enjoyment of sexuality as a playful activity. It portrays a variety of sexual activities, including "oral sex, anal sex, group sex, masturbation, voyeurism, double penetration, inter-racial literally , bestiality although generally with an animal possessing intelligence , mild sado-masochism, homosexuality female, in every issue; male, just in the last issue , exhibitionism, sex with any number of devices, necrophilia or sex with a ghost, anyway , prostitution, and every single position and combination.

The Rozz Tox Manifesto is a essay by visual artist Gary Panter in which Panter rejects the notion of the artist as bohemian; instead, an artist is encouraged to work within capitalism to reach a larger market. Confess and shut up! Capitalism good or ill is the river in which we sink or swim. Inspiration has always been born of recombination. In boom times art may be supported by wildcat speculation or by excess funds in form of grants from the state or patronship as a tax write-off.

Currently we are suffering from a lean economy. Nothing To Fear. Russ and Jeri get into a tight spot and have to shoot their way out. Dead Relatives. Ron's not upset about Russ' death, because he knows his brother will regenerate, but he still sets out to wreak a terrible revenge on his killer, just on principle. Purge and Burn. Hiroshima, the nuclear-powered femme fatale, goes on a rampage. The Noxious Aftershock.